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Welcome To My Home Page
Hi, I'm Matt and this is my first web site attempt. I am hoping that I can give you a good idea of what it has taken for me to take this 67 Camaro and to rebuild it into my car the way I want it.
I am a UAW member and work for DaimlerChrysler as an assembly worker building the Neon.
I have been working on cars for about 20 years and really enjoy it. This is my real first go at a Chevy and first at going this far as to build a car to this extent.
I hope you enjoy what I am going to show you and will be updating as often as possible
Site Updates As They Happen!
I will be adding updates when I get things done. So please stop back and check things out.
Towed home in October of 2000
This is how it looked when I first got the car. It had been sitting under a tarp since 1984. The only thing on it that wasn't original was the wheels.
It was a Plain Jane 6 Cylinder 2sp. The body looked good but was going to get a lot of work, I was to find out. I told my wife the interior was nice, but will be replacing most all of it anyhow.

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Thanks To All The Parts Suppliers That I Used
I would like to thank all the part
suppliers that I got stuff from;

Tamraz's Parts Discount Warehouse
ASK for Rob,1-800-4424601

Rick's First Generation Camaro

Classic Industries

D&R Classic Automotive

Summit Racing Equipment

National Parts Depot


Master Power Brakes

Performance Suspension Technology

WOW!!! This is what it looks like inMay of 2004 all done!!!

Here is it all done. It only took 3 years and 7 Months to finish. It turned out great and I couldn't be happier with it. My wife even likes it !!!


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