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Just a few shots of the things I have done

Its been 3 1/2 years from the time I got this car and it seems a lot longer. I am really tired of looking at it sitting here and can't wait to drive it. I finally sat in it in January for the first time. The new interior looks great and the gauges turned out great.

The floors were gone.

Getting Ready For POR15 On Firewall And Under Body

Frame Done, Disc Brakes, Hotckiss Springs,Power Steering, 1 1/8 Swaybar

Both floor pans got replaced

I installed relays for the headlights so maybe they will be brighter

Here it is ready for the body shop in July 2002

Here is the Master Power Brake set up Was an easy install

The front leaf spring mounts were gone so I made new out of flat stock and angle iron

This is just another shot of the rear mounts for the leaf springs

The wheel wells were'nt as hard as I thought they would be.

Just to the sides you can see the dash behind the bezel. I will cover that with some vinyl behind the bezel

This is my 67 first home from the body shop. I love the Intense Blue Pearlcoat color

This is what I had to work with. I ended up replacing the hole floor and trunk area.This I did my self.

The trunk and wheel wells I replaced and they wern't that bad to replace

Here I have the MP Brake kit. It was a straight forward installation.The Firewall is painted with POR15 Gloss Black.

I have installed Power Disc Brakes, Power Steering, New Heater Core, Poly Frame Bushings and a 1 1/8 Sway Bar. The frame is also painted with POR15.

Here I cut the corners off of the front and rear bumpers and welded them together to make a split bumper look.

I don't know if I will chrome them or paint them the color of the car. I will probley go with a full bumper.

I am glad I went with the full bumper

The dash has to look good or the rest of the car won't matter as much so I put a lot of thought into making it look as good as posible

The grant steering wheel really looks good with the gauges and dash done.

This is at the body shop. I removed the rear end and put in a 8.5 with 3:73 posi, sand blasted and painted it with POR15 It will get an aluminim Summit cover when it gets home

They stripped all the paint and found we needed rockers and door skins also the pan after the back glass

The quarters were put on back in 1983 and were still in new shape nothing had to be done with them

Heres the 355. It went in real easy.